Moisture-deficient, dry skin feels dry and rough. It is often delicate and dull with flaky parts (forehead). Due a reduced sebum production, the hydro/lipid mantle is insufficient and the required moisture cannot be bound in an adequate way. This skin type tends to dryness and tautness feelings. Premature lines show, in particular on the eye contours.


Whether by disposition or caused by stress, a bad lifestyle, excessive UV radiation, negative environmental influences or weather conditions or even a wrong or too aggressive skin cleansing, the general ageing process and many other factors, skin becomes dry and loses its protective function and moisture-binding ability. As a consequence the increased transepidermal water loss leads to a rough, flaky skin tone. Skin loses its suppleness, tautness feelings develop and skin becomes more sensitive.



If applied to the surface, hyaluronic acid forms an invisible, water-containing film on the skin, and thus supplies precious moisture to the skin’s horny layer (stratum corneum). The film protects from external influences and reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL).


AquaMaxTM is an innovative ingredient which hydrates skin quickly and sustainably. Additionally, it increases skin’s elasticity. AquaMAXTM LM is a low-molecular hydrolysate which maintains the existing epidermal hyaluronic acid and at the same time increases the Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin.