Mature skin is normally dry, shows elasticity loss and the first signs of biological skin ageing. Its moisture and lipid levels can be off balance. When the skin’s resilience diminishes, fine lines and wrinkles develop, which contrary to dryness lines must not be countered with moisture, but with the right mix of conditioning oils, regenerating extracts and peptides which stimulate the skin-cell renewal.


Stress, unbalanced nutrition and the wrong skin care  regime have a negative effect on the skin as well as excessive exposure to UV radiation which contributes to premature skin ageing.


Dermaclinic offers a full range of treatments and solutions for skin concerns ranging from luxurious facials to natural peels, aha peels and micro needling. A treatment plan can be specifically designed for your skin type and skin care concerns.


1) VITAMINS + ANTI-OXIDANTS & RETINOLRetinol (vitamin A) is an effective all-rounder for skin.

2) VITAMIN CVitamin C stimulates the metabolism of the connective tissue and the collagen-synthetizing enzymes, at the same time it inhibits the degradation of collagen.

3) VITAMIN EVitamin E has an anti-oxidative effect, it binds moisture in the Stratum Corneum and diminishes skin damages caused by UV radiation. It has a noticeable smoothing effect on the skin relief. 


  • AHA ALPHA HYDROXY ACID / GLYCOLIC ACID + LACTIC ACID - AHA Alpha Hydroxy Acid / glycolic acid and lactic acid have larger molecules which are not able to penetrate that deep into skin. Dead skin flakes are removed, the skin-cell renewal is stimulated.
  • PHA POLY HYDROXY ACID / LACTOBIONIC ACIDPHA Poly Hydroxy Acid / lactobionic acid is a saccharic acid (disaccharide consisting of gluconic acid and galactose) belong to the new generation of acids. It acts like AHA, but is less skin-irritating. Counters oxidative processes.
  • BHA- BETA HYDROXY ACID / SALICYLIC ACIDBHA - Beta Hydroxy Acid / salicylic acid is fat-soluble. Beta Hydroxy Acid is well suited for oily skin, combination skin and skin tending to impurities. BHA has an anti-inflammatory and light anti-bacterial effect. 
  • FERULIC ACID (HYDROXY CINNAMIC ACIDFerulic acid (hydroxy cinnamic acid) has an anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory effect and protects and repairs against UV radiation.