SIGNS OF IMPURE SKIN: Impure skin is often oily, shiny and has large pores, black heads, pimples and tends to develop inflammations. Due to an unbalanced lipid and moisture mantle, impure skin often also reacts in a particularly sensitive way. Hormonal changes are the main reasons for impure skin during puberty of young women and men. However, it also occurs at later stages.

CAUSES: There are many causes for impure skin: Bacteria, environmental pollution, wind and weather (extrinsic factors) stress skin on the one side, and on the medicaments, possible hormonal oscillations or even diseases (intrinsic factors).


In order to rebalance impure skin, a targeted skin care routine is the best solution.

STEP 1 - CLEANSING: Intensive and regular cleansing preferably in the mornings and evenings – is the first step to counter bacteria causing impurities.

STEP 2 - SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: Impure skin needs consequent care in order to reach a sustainable improvement of the skin tone. Ideal products are tailored to the skin type in order to reach the natural balance of the moisture level and sebum production.